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Team Building


Team building and systemic change

We provide custom-designed program that will be tailored to your company needs. Our seminars create lasting impact in your teams and they will be talking about it for years…

We use pioneering technics for team building, team and leadership empowerment and team coaching:

  • Systemic advanced coaching,
  • Challenging metaphors: glasswalking, sweat lodge, iron bar bending, arrow snapping, board breaking, trust fall…
  • Firewalking
  • Hypnosis coaching,
  • Archetypes as MBTI ® assessment level 1, 2 and teams
  • Dynamic groups and games.

Some objectives:

  • To increase motivation at the workplace
  • To create cohesion in a team based on your company values,
  • To develop assertive communication in team,
  • To create deep and strong relationships in a team,
  • To increase the performance,
  • To understand how the complementarities in a team,
  • To develop problem solving abilities.

Our seminars and workshops will inspire your group, increasing focus, team building and performance through your company values and bottom line. Our methodology is based on proven advanced technics and tools that increase the energy of the group and allow it to develop sustainable actions for change.

We are truly changing your world together!

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